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My life will never be the same after visiting the Concord Zoe and Co. I am so pleased with the service and products offered. Before shopping at Zoe and Co. I was wearing a 36D, about to be fitted for a 38DD from a national chain lingerie store. I thought I lost the battle with the Bra Gods until a friend of mine suggested I get professionally fit at your store. After being fit to a 32FF, by a trained professional, I was able to take my time and try on numerous bras to find the ones that not only fit my body, but also fit my style. Now that I am wearing the right size bra, my shirts fit better and I look and feel great! Thank you Zoe and Co.!

Hartford, CT

I was apprehensive to go to a specialty bra store because the last thing I wanted to do was take my shirt off in front of a total stranger; but the whole experience was extraordinary.   I came to Zoe's to get something a little nicer for my brothers wedding and soon as I entered the store I was greeted by Elyssa who treated me with respect, answered questions with a friendly attitude, and eased my mind with her smile.  After I was fitted Elyssa brought several options to my dressing room where we found something for the special occasion and even left with a few extra bras for my every day use.  I haven't bought a bra anywhere else since and have recommended to friends and family from all over New England to visit this store.  If you want your back to stop hurting, to look better and most importantly feel better about yourself then go to Zoe's.

Portland, ME

Bringing your young daughter in for her first bra can be not only emotional but stressful.  I took my daughter to Zoe and Co.   The staff  handled her, and a worried mom,  not only with one on one attention and professionalism, but also took the time to teach her the right way to wear and fit a bra.  You can not find this type of experience at any chain store!  I have since recommended many friends and their daughters to Zoe and Co. and will continue to do so in the future.

Derry, NH

I always had a problem getting a bra to fit, one that didn't ride up in the back or have the straps fall off my shoulders.  I had about given up when I found Zoe & Co.  The staff was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant.  They also have a great selection, something for every occasion.  Thanks for positive experience for something I used to dread.  I will be back soon and will tell all that I know about you.

Londonderry, NH

I Love Zoe and Co.!  Ever since my friend told me about this place I haven't bought a bra at any other store.  I must say I never got fitted for a bra before and I was a little nervous at first.  Once I started my fitting all that went out the door.  The fitters are very informative and they know exactly the right time to leave the fitting room and the right time to come back in.  When they finished determining my size I could not believe the amount of bras they brought in the fitting room for me to choose from.  I have also purchased sports bras from Zoe & Co., and let me tell you, those girls are not going anywhere!  Everyone is professional and pleasant every time I step through the door.  I now know how a bra should truly fit and thank Zoe & Co. for teaching me this.  In return I give them a loyal customer.

Westerly, RI

I am so grateful to Zoe&Co and their knowledgeable staff. for making shopping for foundations(bras) a life changing experience. I was hooked five years ago, when after 35 years I was properly fitted for a brassiere! No longer am I the frumpy 50 year old woman going it alone in a retail dressing room with ALL the wrong bras! Because of  Zoe&Co I feel dignified, attractive and thoroughly satisfied in how I look in my brassiere! Now I bring my 17 year old daughter to Zoe&Co., BIG self-esteem boost, she's hooked too!

Respectfully submitted,
Mystic, CT

I've been shopping at Zoe & Co. since 2004. It's the only place I buy my bras! Other stores may pretend to fit you, but you haven't been fit for a bra until you've been fit at Zoe & Co. They have all the sizes and are the only ones who can get you in the right size. Their staff is excellent, there is almost too much to choose from and they're open late. It's an experience. Treat yourself. Thank you Zoe & Co.!

Westerly, RI

I have no idea what I'd be doing without Zoe & Co. I thought I was always wearing the right bra size but because I was being cheap I should suffer. No way! Zoe's always gracious employees made me feel like a million dollars in a new bra. Going in as a 36A and coming out as a 34C was a shock to me, but after seeing how a bra really is supposed to work I have a lot more confidence when standing up straight. It even looked like I'd shed a couple of pounds! Every time I go in it's a great experience, they have SUCH a vast selection, any size woman cannot go wrong!

Manchester, NH

Zoe & Co. Professional Bra Fitters

Dover, NH

Earlier this week I went to your Concord, NH location to check the hours of operation and was surprised to find the store open. I had spent a long day at work and most of the evening running errands around town and had been wanting to stop at this location for some time. By the time I arrived there I was hot, tired and a bit skeptical.I must tell you that I am no longer a skeptic and had the most wonderful experience in this store. The sales person was wonderful. She was engaging, knowledgeable and professional. She was attentive without being intrusive and made what I had thought could have been an uncomfortable situation very pleasant and relaxing.The store its self was beautiful, neat, clean, tasteful and calming. The temperature was perfect and even the music was great.Last but not least the item that I purchased is also amazing. I have never had a bra that was so perfectly fit and comfortable. I have enjoyed telling all of my family, friends and co-workers about the wonderful experience that I had and have encouraged them all to visit as well. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service and environment.

Concord, NH

Hello, I was in the Concord store today for a bra fitting – first ever! I just wanted to say I am AMAZED at the difference. OMG, every top that has been sitting in my closet unworn because they didn’t fit me properly – well it wasn’t the top that didn’t fit – it was the bra!! I’m so happy. I wear a lot of empire waisted tops and dresses and the waist seams all lay exactly where they’re supposed to now  with the new bra – right below the bust. Such a simple thing – I wish I’d done this 20 years ago!

Thanks for all your help.

Concord, NH

Hello Zoe and Co.,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank-you for your wonderful service and selection. I live in Arizona and while visiting a friend in Connecticut she introduced me to your store. I am a hard fit but you made it easy. Since she brought me to your store 5 years ago I have been making an annual trip to Zoe and Co. for my intimate apparel needs. I tried Nordstrom but they did not have the styles and selection that you offer. Every time I come in I have experienced great service and the selection is phenomenal. Last trip I even found a "pretty" flowered bras. Most bras in larger sizes only come in the standard white, nude or black. I will continue making my trip out east every summer to add to my wardrobe. It took over 35 years but I finally found a bra that fits as it should at Zoe and Co.

Thank-you for all that you do,

Tempe, AZ

To whom it may concern,

After a very BAD experience at Lady Grace in Salem (where I have been purchasing my undergarments for the last three years), my soon-to-be-sister-in-law found your website and convinced me to visit your location. After being turned away from almost every box store (JC Penny, Macys, Walmart, Victoria Secret, etc) because they didn’t carry my size, I was a little hesitant to visit. I am getting married in June need a strong foundation under my dress as well as a bathing suit for my honeymoon!

I visited your Concord location for the first time on Friday, March 15th. Elyssa was PHENOMENAL!!! I was shocked when I explained that I was looking for a 40H, she brought out over 30 bras that would fit me! She was able to assist me in purchasing a bathing suit for my honeymoon and strongly urged me to bring my wedding dress in to make a final purchase for my undergarments. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by your VAST product availability, I was floored by how helpful, personable, and wonderful Elyssa was. The bathing suits she had available to try on were all flattering on me and actually fit me! There is no question whether the suit I purchased will be comfortable and functional while lounging on the beaches of Hawaii. In addition to your store carrying the product, Elyssa was able to direct us on the proper fit (which wasn’t done in nearly as much detail at Lady Grace) and encouraged us to try on particular items due to their popularity and long history of success.

I was also extremely happy to see your sizes running from 30A-50J! After being “discriminated against” due to my large size in larger box stores, I was happy to see that you are able to cater to smaller sizes in addition to larger sizes. Both my soon-to-be-sister-in-law and I are in need of a quality store to purchase our quality undergarments (as we are both similar in size) and we have found you!! For the first time in 15 years, I left a bra store feeling GREAT about myself. I can’t wait to tell everyone about how phenomenal you and your staff are. To say that you have gotten a customer for life, would be an understatement. I think you are the bees knees!!! For the first time, I was able to make a decision based on looks, not just purchasing the item because it fit me.…..AMAZING!!

Thank you for setting up shop in New Hampshire and hiring wonderful staff. I look forward to scheduling my appointment to finalize my wedding day undergarments. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Derry, NH

Hello to the team at Zoe and Company...specifically Westerly. 🙂

As promised, I'm honored to share with you photos from a recent event that I attended and that your team helped make possible.

As you can see...and as I hope other plus size women will see...I wore a striking strapless gown with complete comfort and confidence.

I did so because I was properly fitted in a miracle of engineering (smile) bought at your store.

Your team treated me with kindness and sincerity...forgiving a tear or two ... as I shared the importance of "underwire confidence" on this special occasion.

The night was magical... Thanks in great part...to you.

Enjoy the photos and feel free to share.

Norwich, CT

For years, I was told that I was the most difficult kind of woman to fit for a bra - too big around and too small in the cup. When I made my appointment at Zoe's in Westerly (an hour and a half from my home), I was expecting more of the same, despite the rave reviews I found. I had little-to-no hope that I would be able to find anything and it was going to be another disappointing shopping experience.

I could not have been more wrong. My fitter, Andrea, was wonderful. She had no doubt that I could find bras, and her optimism quickly made a positive impact on my mood, and the experience became fun! As I finally was fit with bras that were appropriate in both width and cup size, I could not believe how good they felt, and how many choices I had. I had to reel myself in and only buy 4! The fact that they keep my information on file for easier shopping next time (and phone ordering if I wanted to), as well as a "likes list" for bras that I really wanted, but just couldn't get that day, were great.

Afterwards, I thought about why I loved the experience at Zoe's. Not only was it because of the bras - that was nothing short of miraculous in my mind, given my history, but it was the service. Andrea was trained in this field - she clearly knew what she was doing, was very patient, and did not pressure me to buy anything at all. She didn't have to pressure me, their stock would have made it possible to spend my entire salary!

So, thank you for making this first visit my best bra-buying experience.

Attleboro, MA

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